We are Push the Pixel

We are an agency designed to be the anti-agency.

No buzzwords. No absurd charges. No BS. We run on tea.

We see the challenge. We plan. We execute. Everybody wins.

We are small…by design.

We take on a maximum of 2 clients at any one time. That’s it.

Keeping our list to 2 clients at a time allows us to focus on them completely, without the distractions that multiple projects bring.

We also make sure to choose only projects that we want to do. We find the end result is always better when your heart is in it.

It’s all about you

We hate the idea of companies that lock clients in with stupid contracts with absurd hourly rates for simple changes.

So we don’t do that.

We build sites that our clients own 100%. They have full control and are taught to make simple changes by themselves. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s in the best interests of the clients. Log in, and go change prices, sentences, images…whatever you want, any time you want.

All 100% free.

But if you do need us, we’re just an email away.

So lets chat maybe.

Are we a good fit? Can we solve your website and brand issues? Could be!

Drop us a line, and let’s have a chat.